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Everything you need to get certified and learn marketing.

This curated collection of learning resources is packed with all the best online courses and certificates from industry-recognized companies. Built in Notion.


Master a new discipline or brush up on your skills.

Complete the first 3 phases in a weekend! You'll add 8 new marketing certificates to your resume / LinkedIn profile. Then choose a learning path and continue learning!


Extra resources to help you succeed on your journey.

As a marketer, you will be constantly learning and improving. The Marketing Career Starter Pack is filled with bonus content and resources to help you along the way.


Why I made the Marketing Career Starter Pack.

I love learning and am a living case study of someone who used free online courses to build a career as a marketer. I put together a Notion page, posted it to LinkedIn and now want to host it on a webpage. Enjoy!

What is this?

A curated Notion page with everything you need to become a certified marketer.

It doesn't matter if you know absolutely nothing about marketing, these free online courses and certificates will take you from a marketing zero to a marketing hero.

Who is it for?


Aspiring Marketers

Want to get your break in the industry and land your first marketing job? This starter pack was made specifically for you.


New Marketers

If you are new in your career, these resources will give you the confidence you need to exceed in your role.


Pro Marketers

Even if you're a veteran, this collection is a perfect review to keep you on your toes or to pass on to new hires.

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